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Hello, I'm here to let you guys commission me for my X Reader fan fictions! Usually they're 200 to 300 :points: (which is equal to 2-3 U.S Dollars.)

Now, I will write South Park and Five Nights at Freddy's. Anything else, no. Those are the only two I feel like writing at the moment.

You may also commission me for continuations of other one shots I've done.

Please fill out this forum to commission me!


New fan fiction or continuation (If continuation, send me a link of the story you'd like continued) :

South Park or Five Nights At Freddy's:

Character(s) (ex. Jeremy X Reader X Mike) :

Specifications (ex. Blind!Reader, Ghost!Purple Guy) :

Examples of my work:

Teen!Purple Guy X Teen!Reader -They Won't Catch Us
Teen!Purple Guy (Oliver) X Teen!Reader - They Won't Catch Us
Well, today was the day. The day where the young ones were chosen their lovers. The age come about then you are 17. When you are less than this age, you are a young one, you can't do much other than go to school.
As you went to school you felt strong feelings for one of your friends, Oliver. You told your parents about this and you were simply given pills by your doctor to take. These pills make the feeling go away, you didn't like it all that much. The feeling felt pretty nice, but your doctor and your parents always made you take them.
Today you were to stand on stage with several other 17 year old women for the mate ceremony. You were to be given to your mate today. The government chose who you were to be with. Lately you had been faking taking your pills, wanting the fuzzy nice feeling back whenever you were around Oliver. It was a few hours before you had to go on stage with the others. You were simply hanging out with O
Phone Guy (Phil Anderson) X Reader - Coworkers
Phone Guy (Phil Anderson) X Reader
You had gotten a summer job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. You were told you were working the night shift there. The pay was good 120 dollars a week. You were a bit late and you walked into the pizzeria at 12:15 wearing your night guard uniform and hat. You had put your (H/L ) (H/C) into a ponytail. You walked into the office you were directed to go and saw someone already in the office, a tablet in hand, sitting in a chair. He looked a bit cute, he was tallish, maybe 5'11, dark brown hair, slightly tanned skin,  light blue eyes, and a slight stubble.
"Um, hello?" you said, causing your co-worker to jump.
"Oh, thank god you're not a robot!" he said with a sigh of relief.
"Robot? You mean, those things out there actually move?" you asked in reply.
The man nodded, "Y-yeah, well um, anyways, my name is Phil, Phil Anderson. I take it you're my coworker?" he asked with a smile, holding his hand out to you for you to shake. You shook his much larger han
Phone Guy/Phil Anderson X Reader - Ending (Sequel)
Phone Guy (Phil Anderson) X Reader - Ending (Sequel to Coworkers)
After you had finished your week at Freddy's,  you decided to go back due to Phil continuing to work there. You were put on the day shift this time, and Phil would sometimes visit you during the day. You mainly had dark tan man with long purple hair in a ponytail to keep you company. He was also a day guard, his name was Vincent.
Vincent was pretty cool, he did flirt with you from time to time, but it was mainly playful. It was a few months after you had been put on the day shift, and today you were hanging out with him, watching over the children and the animatronics. "So, how long have you two been dating?" Vincent asked, glancing over at you with his silver eyes.
"About 4 months," You replied, taking your eyes away from the dastardly animatronics that you remembered trying to kill you and Phil.
"Has he proposed to you yet?" he asked.
"Nah," you said.
"Damn, you two would make a cute married couple." he said with
Princess!Kenny X Reader - You're The Princess's
Princess!Kenny X Reader
-Takes place during Stick of Truth-
When you had heard that the guys were playing an RPG-like game, you had quickly wanted to join in with the guys. Cartman wholeheartedly didn't approve of it while Kyle thought it was a great idea and it would be fun having you in the game.
"No way, Jew boy! We're not letting a girl join the game!" Cartman yelled at the ushanka wearing boy.
"You just don't want her to join the game because you know she'll pick the elves and you'll get your ass kicked by her!" Kyle shouted back at the large boy.
Kyle was partly right though, you had kicked Cartman's ass before and you certainly were not afraid of doing it again. Cartman glared at the Jew, "Fine, she can join the game!" he shouted.
Kyle simply gave a grin and the two looked at you, "So, who's side are you gonna join, (Y/N)?" Kyle asked.
"Uh, I don't really know," you admitted, you were actually close friends with both of them, so you didn't know who exactly to choose.
"You could
Hello Kitty - Butters X Reader
Oh look, Admin finally decided to get off her butt and write fan fiction. I've had a list of them sitting around for awhile. This spam of fan fiction is gonna be South Park, because why not. Remember, all requests are accepted! I know most of the characters.
Today, your good friend and slight crush, Butters Stotch had invited you over to his house. He had asked you today during school, and you happily agreed. Your agreement made the already giddy boy even happier.
It was a few hours after school and you were about to walk to Butters' house who lived a few houses down the street to you. You waved good bye to your mother and told her where you were going. "Don't stay out too late, honey!" she said to you as you walked out the door and you replied with a, "I'll try not to!"
After you finally reached Butters' house you knocked on the door and after a few seconds, the door was opened by the blonde boy himself. He gave you a happy smile, "Well, hiya there (Y/N)!" he greeted.


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