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December 19, 2013
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America X Child!Reader - Butterfly

"Hey little dudette, you alright?"

The little girl looked up to see a blonde haired man with baby blue eyes. He had a strange cowlick and wire-rimmed glasses. He was slightly smiling, his eyes dancing with curiosity. He was wearing a bomber jacket with a star on it. He had a childish feel about him that the little girl seemed to trust, so she told him the truth.

"No. I'm not..." She said, looking the man in the eyes.  "I'm cold, alone and starving..." She added. The man took off his bomber jacket and put it around the girl then he picked her up, holding her close to him. The girl looked at him with a face of confusion. "The hero can't just stand by while a damsel is in distress!" He said, grinning. The girl laughed lightly. "How about we go to my house? We can drink of hot cocoa and watch Iron Man!" The man asked. The little girl nodded. "Sure."

"I'm Alfred, by the way. Who're you?" The man now deemed as Alfred said as he walked to his house. "(Y/N)."

~Timeskip to 'Murica's house.~

~2nd Person point of view~

"Here we are, (Y/N)!" Alfred said. He put you down on the couch while you still had his jacket. "I'll go get you a shirt of mine to wear, I'll be back!" He said and ran off somewhere. You looked around, he had a fairly big house. You wondered if he had any siblings, eh maybe.

He soon came back with a black shirt that had the Batman logo on it. He was wearing pajama pants and a superman t-shirt. He gave the shirt to you. "Here you go dudette! It's the smallest shirt I've got. It'll be pretty big on you though." He said. He picked you up and led you to the bathroom. "Here's the bathroom so you can change." He said, putting you down and opening the door for you. "Come back into the living room when you're done! I'll make the cocoa! Then we can watch Iron Man!" He said, happily and walked off.

You closed the door and changed into the Batman shirt he gave you. Opening the door you walked back into the living room. Alfred already had the two cups a steaming hot chocolate made both sitting on the table. He was putting Iron Man in his disc player. You sat down on the couch and waited for your cocoa to cool down. He sat down next to you, grinning.

"Ready to watch Iron Man, dudette?" He asked you and you nodded. "Yup!" You said, happily.

~Timeskip to after movie because I'm too lazy to write it out.~

You had fallen asleep sometime during the movie. After it had ended Alfred looked over to your sleeping form, picking you up and taking your to his bed room. He tucked you in and kissed your forehead.

"G'night my little butterfly." He whispered and walked out of room quietly and closed the door.
Please read this first~. world-detective-l.deviantart.c…

Now I know I should be doing Germany but I was listening to music and got an idea for America. Anyways, you got a thing, so enjoy it. XD

Hetalia and America doesn't belong to me, nor does the picture.
You're now America's little butterfly/daughter.
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OMG KAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Poland Talking... Spain (Happy Cashier) [V3] Italy Icon APH: onion austria America emote bla-bla lol I go crazy when i see kawaii stuff and....I kind just woke up from fainting...I FELL ASLEEP FOR AN HOUR!?
dragon-diary Feb 16, 2014  New member
cool story but it is third person's point of view not 2nd  person's point of view, 2nd is for other use
World-Detective-L Feb 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
No-no-no my friend, third person point of view is saying the character's name. Such as; Reader-chan grinned up at America and hugged him.

Second person point of view is putting the reader into the store. Like; You grinned up at America and hugged him.

Third person POV was the first part of the story, the second part was second person POV.
dragon-diary Feb 17, 2014  New member
World-Detective-L Feb 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconeverywhereplz: fluff. fluff everywhere.
PurestInnocence Dec 22, 2013  Student General Artist
I love your icon
Adorableness. Adorableness everywhere~ I now have the hero as my daddy, yay~! 

( I like your icon. But I don't know how to interact with it! XD )
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