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Alright theres a poll on for the new baby name for good luck charlie its christmas!
here are the names and what i would like the girl or boy to be named tell me in the comments what you want she/he to be named!

[] Sydney
[x] Erika
[] Mallory
[] Talia
[] Jenny

[x] Noah
[] Jonah
[] Toby
[] Bobby Jr.
[] Bo

I like Erika and Noahgood names yes? :iconblushplz:


Oh Noes i got pills cause im sick T_T

Great i got pills i have to take cause im sick. I have to take 2 pills 2 times a day for a week and pill is like this big real size |            |
and i have to eat them with food T_T and i have to take 3 pills for 5 days
well thats all i got to say for now bai! :icontwilightdanceplz: :iconapplejackplz:
P.S check this video out for good luck charlie its christmas!…
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